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Amanda Staples: Instructor and Therapist (CNHC registered)

Matwork Pilates, Bowen Technique, Remedial Massage, Bodywork and Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy


Feel Good Factor offers one to one Pilates in Downend, Bristol and Classical-inspired Matwork Pilates Classes in Warmley, Downend and Staple Hill. 

Please see 'Classes' for further information. 

 I am a Level 4 back pain Specialty Instructor.

Classical Pilates is most known for helping with back pain and strengthening the core. It can also help with other joint pain and manage conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue/ME and MS. It will improve function, mobility, movement, tone muscles, and can improve stamina and posture.

My approach to all of my work is to help you be the best you can be in your body. 

My goal with Pilates and complementary therapies is to help improve overall function. This might be mobility or postural, it might be physical or mental.

Current Class Spaces:

Monday 6.45pm, Kingswood

Tuesday 6.15pm, Staple Hill

Wednesday 10.15am, Downend

Wednesday 6.45pm, Warmley/Kingswood

You are welcome to do a trial class with us (cost £10) to see if we are a fit when space comes up, or you can do a one to one with me for personal bespoke tuition.


The Bowen Introductory Offer for class attendees and their families has been extened to end of August due to demand. So book now!

 *Class fees are £49 per six-week block. Pay as you go option is not available. Dates and venues are on the Classes page. Payment is required in advance, places not held without it. 

It is possible to do a trial class for £10 if you are unsure and cannot afford a private session.*

I conduct one to one sessions at Downend Assembly Hall, Bristol which cost £35 for an hour. These sessions are specifically tailored to you, your needs and goals.

 Because we are not quite free of Covid I will continue to supply a sanitised body mat but clients are required to bring a head support for themselves. 

 Updates will be posted here and on Facebook @feelgoodfactorbristol.

Complementary Therapies

Appointments are available with me for remedial massage, bodywork (kinesiology taping & muscle energy technique) and hypnotherapy/psychotherapy at Carpe Diem Therapy Centre, Staple Hill. I am also currently offering Student session Bowen Technique at my home on a donation basis until I qualify at the end of June.

 My availability is usually Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoon, and Thursday evening. 

Other appointment times may be available.

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