Feel Good Factor Bristol

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Amanda Staples: Instructor and Therapist (CNHC registered)

Matwork Pilates, Bowen Technique, Remedial Massage, Bodywork and Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy

Rejuvenation Retreats​

The retreats were born as a way to offer the chance of accessible retreats for attenders to meet like-minded people, have fun and maybe form a friendship or two. The idea came to mind during my ‘chronic fatigue days’. I now class myself as being in recovery, but it does mean I have awareness of fatigue-related conditions and the retreats are designed to accommodate people who may have mobility issues, health conditions and fatigue conditions. There is a programme of events which makes the retreat appear busier than the average but they are all simple activities, such as Pilates/yoga, meditation, crafts, and are all optional. Retreats are themed and the activities are related to the theme. 

You can come for one day, be non-residential and do both days, or stay over. Costs are:

 £75 for the day

 £185 non-residential (includes dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday and evening meditation on Saturday), £295 overnight stay. 

I have taken the decision to cancel the October 2021 retreat but will endeavour to run a mini half-day retreat locally. I anticipate retreats starting in Spring 2022 when Covid is under better control.